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Sitting in my office, trying to create…

Posted by Kyle Martinak on September 29, 2008

As I write this, I’m already becoming my father. Lots of young men say that, but few truly mean it and are frightened by it. I’m sitting at a desk that is older than I am, and I’m pretending to be valuable to the company.

In reality, I’m pushing forward with an idea that has been in my head for many months now…creating a space on this vast wasteland (full of porn, dumb in-the-mirror pictures, and celebrity gossip) for myself. I feel like a pioneer carving out a new existence in a new frontier…except the frontier isn’t very new anymore, and I’m really just riding an exodus away from the over-formatted, over-populated cesspool of Myspace and Facebook.

Anyway, here on my homepage I’ll be giving regular updates on the fiction that I’m writing, and perhaps just a little day-to-day ‘life of Kyle’ update. Here on the homepage is my only real blog, as the other pages of this domain are devoted to my fiction writing. Those pages are all password protected (to prevent against concept and idea thieves, the worst kind of criminals), but simply email or comment a request, and you can read them to your heart’s content.

I have to go now, though, because my laptop just stopped working, and I need to check what’s going on with that. Ha, I should really get a raise for all this hard work I’m doing…


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