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Up and Running!

Posted by Kyle Martinak on September 30, 2008

My novel, “Playlist,” is officially on if anyone wants to read it. I also gave a final farewell to the intensely public, highly hazardous blogging system over at Myspace.

I hope people will want to read my novel. Rosely is the only person who has read it since it was a five-page short story called, “Mad World.”

In the meantime, I went and bought all my books for the term. It cost me $330. And I am very sad for giving all those funds away. I need to get to work here at the campus newspaper, so I’ll be back and uploading other pieces of my fiction sometime tomorrow…assuming that I ever wake up.

-End of Transmission-


2 Responses to “Up and Running!”

  1. eclipsestar said

    Be lucky that your books only cost $330. By the end of the term I’ll have set a new record and spent over $500 for a total of 4 classes. That’s what I get for taking two graphic novel/comic book specific classes.

  2. Rosely said

    And I will keep on reading it even after you are done and its published. I really like the manuscript and can’t wait until you are finished. I really want to know how it ends,but I will wait.

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