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Finished with my edits, listening to Aerosmith!

Posted by Kyle Martinak on October 5, 2008


It is so horribly stuck in my head now. Good song, though. Anyway, one thing I’d like to stress if anyone’s reading my updates and junk, comment on them. Give me some lovin’.

Don’t get me wrong, I love comments from my girlfriend…it means she really is a fan of my junk. But I talk to her every night. What mysterious audience do I have? ANSWER ME!!!!!

Whoa. Sorry. Kinda lost my cool, there. I’m better, though. But anyway, yeah, just a little comment letting me know that you agree with something, or disagree, that you like some chapter of my novel (or just that you want to read it, because I have few requests). Even a little thing telling me who you are and why you’re wasting time on a schlub like me.

Well, I have a mountain of spanish homework, so I better hit that…and get a shower, because it’s like 1:15 and I’m still wearing pajamas.

See ya. Don’t get run over.


Well, some of you need practical advice.


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