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Some Updates and a Captain’s Log

Posted by Kyle Martinak on October 8, 2008

Captain’s Log (yep, I was serious)

Stardate: Tuesday, October 7

I’m trapped on a strange planet where I’m expected to give a crap about the Presidential Debate tonight. Sorry to say, I don’t. I’ve never trusted a politician, and I never will. I shall never forgive them, for the death of my country.

Anyhoo, I had to do MATH today. It…sucked. I hate it. I have a bunch of homework tonight, and tomorrow is one of my suck days.

But, I am happy because a lot of my fiction is now up on the site. I know of at least three people that have read my blog, too. If all three people pay to buy my first novel…That’s like 70 cents in my pocket! That’s enough to buy a…oh, hell. I can’t buy a Coke, a stamp, a Hot Wheels car, or even a donut with that.

And I forgot, if I even get published, I have to give copies of the book for free to my girlfriend, my best friends, my brother, and my old high school friends. Dammit.

But three people have read my blog! Woot! Now if only they could tell two friends, and then their friends tell two friends, and those friends tell their uncles in the publishing business, and those uncles tell their agents, and those agents tell their assistants, and the assistants tell their spouses who are in a book club, and…

Oh, no. I’ve gone cross-eyed.


2 Responses to “Some Updates and a Captain’s Log”

  1. Sprickster said

    One: don’t turn your blog into a pyramid scheme. Bad news bears. Unless it’s a REALLY successful pyramid scheme when people don’t even know that’s what they’re buying into.

    Two: I’ll pay for my own copies. I want them bound. Hell, I’ll even take the damn things to Kinko’s. And if it’s good, I’ll make you cookies. 🙂

  2. Jeff said

    Kyle! I can’t get into to any of your fiction. The password that you emailed me doesn’t work. I tried it as all one word and with a space. What’s goin on?!

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