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What’s the plural for ‘synopsis?’

Posted by Kyle Martinak on October 8, 2008

Never mind, I went with ‘preview.’ Just reiterating what I posted last night.

If you want to read a short summary of the plot of some of the Martinak Fiction, go to the left sidebar. If you want to read the actual text, go to the top buttons and enter the special password.

If you don’t know the special password…tough nuggets, Jack. Maybe you should email me and ask for it.

I need to go home and eat some real food, and go to bed, perhaps. That would be good.

In the meantime, I hope someone leaves me some comments to come back to.

Sorry, I’m being needy again.

Bad Kyle.


One Response to “What’s the plural for ‘synopsis?’”

  1. Rosely said

    Food and sleep sounds good right now. Go do both, you work hard. In the mean time, I’ll be sitting here in research methods lab, struggling to stay awake while keeping my stomach quiet.

    I have to get back to research methods. The professor is saying something about hypothesis testing, z scores, and one-tailed tests. My head hurts. Its been a long day.

    Oh, and the password works.

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