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Staring into the great abyss…

Posted by Kyle Martinak on October 13, 2008

…of work. I spent so much time doing busy-work for all of my classes today. And I’m not close to finished. I have a bunch of stuff for Shakespeare to do tonight (while editing for the paper), and I’ve got a stack of papers for Spanish that keeps piling up.

What feels worst is that I haven’t done any writing in several weeks. I just haven’t had time, and there’s no due-date on my own work…yet. I feel a little like Michael Corleone in “The Godfather,” how he planned on marrying Diane Keaton and abandoning his family’s criminal empire, but five or six bullets later he’s killing police officers, wandering the Sicilian countryside, marrying a different woman, getting punched out, getting blown up…and when he gets back to Diane Keaton, he’s a complete psycho who thinks only about HIS criminal empire.

Maybe my analogy doesn’t hold up. But I still feel like some unseen force is keeping me from my actual plans. I should probably get going on my Shakespeare work before everyone gets in here for the staff meeting.

If anyone feels like updating me on their crazy schedules and how they are annoyed by it, don’t be shy.

We all know I’m not.


One Response to “Staring into the great abyss…”

  1. Sprickster said

    Have you been reading too much Shakespeare, perhaps?
    Feeling unable, though not entirely unwilling, to act?
    Does the stress just keep piling on?
    Are you a Danish Prince?

    If any of these things is true, walk away from your Complete Works, experience the sunshine, and remember: Shakespeare hates your emo poems.

    ~Sprick out.

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