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I’ve been watching a lot of TV

Posted by Kyle Martinak on October 15, 2008

Am I the only one that has found three or four good shows to watch? Honestly, I thought I was done with TV when reality shows took over, Family Guy got really annoying, and South Park got political.

Now, I have three shows in one night. Of course, it’s one of the two nights that I’m at work, so a DVR turned out to be a good investment. Great idea, Adam.

Heroes- I fell out of love with this show last year, but now I actually have a great respect for most of the people involved. I’m pissed about how certain characters get the ax, but that’s to be expected in a show that is just like a comic (wherein I can’t stand certain famous deaths). Now if only they could get larger groups of characters on fewer plot arcs, then they will really have something.

Chuck- I just finished an episode of a show that I immediately deemed ‘way too dumb’ for my taste. The super-spy Chuck Bartowski has since become my hero. He always does the wrong things, but he always tries to do the right things. Good show, terrible time slot.

Sarah Conner Chronicles- I’m so glad that I tried this one from the beginning. The cast is great, the action is decent, and it makes for a good show to DVR. You can totally wait to see the next episode, but not forever. There need to be some changes to the show, however, if they really want to move forward with it.

Entourage- On HBO, anything goes. Including an entire episode devoted to everyone’s favorite movie star, his idiot friends, and his frightening agent eating magic mushrooms in the desert (to help them decide if they should do a Benji the Dog movie). Entourage took over from The Sopranos as the best show on HBO. Now, like a year later, it’s still the best on there despite the vampire porn called True Blood, the British Monty Python rip-off, and the Super-Psychotic Psychologist played by a crappy actor from the early nineties.

That was all I really had to say…right now…um…sorry if I ranted.

I’ll talk to everyone later. Bye.


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