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Beware the walking dead…

Posted by Kyle Martinak on October 28, 2008

I’ve noticed two things that I’m enamored with:

One, Zombie films, and two, using ellipses in my post titles….OH! And three, Rosely. Not in that order.

I just bought “Dawn of the Dead” the other night. The 1978 classic, not the 2004 remake, but I do respect the remake. I also watched some fifteen minutes of “Night of the Living Dead” online, meanwhile reading plot synopses of “Return of the Living Dead” and various copies.

If you’ve never seen any George A. Romero zombies in action, please do so. It’s a treasure to see classic archetypes battling classic shuffling corpses. Not only that, but there are great underlying themes to all of the films, including racism in middle America, mass-consumerism in America, and the timeless question of eradication of evil vs. understanding and rehabilitation of evil.

I kinda want to make a zombie film, just because that’s really a chapter in every writer/director’s life. And I’m going to be too old to do it pretty soon. The obvious problem is that I have no time to write a script or shoot the damn thing, and I would need to scare up (pardon the ham-fisted pun) an army of living dead, complete with makeup and costume.

It would get expensive, but I think I want to do it. Anyone interested in helping?


2 Responses to “Beware the walking dead…”

  1. Rosely said

    Not in that order, eh? Heh

    Well you know that I’m more than happy to help. I think it would be a blast.

    I also think that we should sit down and watch zombie films together. We haven’t done that yet. =)

  2. CtotheJ said

    I’m deeply involved in the Haunted Attraction world. I could totally find you a horde of zombies :]

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