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Kanye West, Twilight, and other things that piss me off today.

Posted by Kyle Martinak on November 25, 2008

I hate Kanye West. He struts around, doing interviews and actually saying that he is the most powerful black person in the media. Never mind Oprah, Will Smith, Spike Lee and Barack Obama! Kanye apparently invented being black and successful before turning thirty.

This little trout-sniffer believes that he invented being a rap mogul, as if Sean Combs and Dr. Dre were fictional characters. He needs to climb off his magic little carpet and realize that his music is passable (at best), his power is finite, and he is replaceable as resident douche-bag rapper on Myspace.

Furthermore, “Twilight” needs to die now, before it turns into something so mindless that it invades my headspace on a daily basis…like the election did. As if Harry Potter wasn’t already an annoyance with how much these mindless teenage consumers buy, and buy, and buy the merchandise and see the movie and wear the clothes. I don’t even care if Twilight is a terrific book series, or a marketing jackpot. It has no intellectual quality, and it makes Hot Topic richer and future generations dumber.

On top of all of that, I’m not graduating in four years, despite the fact that I’ve passed every class that I’ve taken, and all of them have fulfilled some requirement. That just pisses me off, royally. I’ve only taken fifteen credits per term for the last two years, but there’s no way I can take more than that and hold down a job.  I’m being penalized for trying to put myself through school (and failing, I might add).

Also, I was thinking about applying for a newspaper internship, but I’m just not confident in my level of experience. I don’t think I’ll get it, and even if I did, I would probably have to move to Astoria or Eastern Oregon for the summer, and I don’t have the energy for any of that crap. It isn’t worth it.

I don’t think newspapers are for me. I have too many crazy ideas and scathing opinions for a supposedly-unbiased profession. So, I guess I’ll be using my extra year at Western to come up with another possible career. I wonder how someone gets into writing fortune cookies…

Anyway, leave me a comment if you would please. I need a little self-assurance right now.


One Response to “Kanye West, Twilight, and other things that piss me off today.”

  1. eclipsestar said

    Kanye is to rap as Rowling is to fiction. That’s about as best a comparison as I can make. The onyl reason I liked “Stronger” or whateverthehell crap he named the song was because it’s as close as I’m gonna get to hearing an actual Daft Punk song on the radio. If I had an ipod jack, (and an ipod), then That song would be a complete waste, (or at least more so than it already is).

    And your Twilight anger reminds me of our footage of Harry Potter Book 7 night since we debated whether it was the defining line-going experience of our days. I’d like to argue that Twilight proves me right, but I don’t want to give it that much credit, so we’ll just call it a mulligan and leave it at that.

    And here’s the funny thing about college: Sharayah and I have decided to do the education program at U of O and get certified as teahcers, (takes only an extra year and some change). This means I’d need to add a year, which would be cool since I’m already spending a 5th year due to my foreign language requirement. HOWEVER, they won’t let me start the education certification thing until I have my degree, thus forcing me to waste a year on my second foreign language year and some throw-away classes to keep myself full time. Pitiful.

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