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Fat Dude Vs. Food, Week 2

Posted by Kyle Martinak on July 9, 2009

Here I am! I’m still doing my best, and it’s slow going.

I checked my weight for the first time since my plan. I’ve only lost five pounds, but at least I’m below the dreaded 300 mark. As a plus, my blood-pressure falls under a “normal for adults” heading, and I don’t feel too bad about it.

On a darker note, I lost my head the other night. I secreted off to the Circle K and grabbed a shit-ton of chocolate bars. I ate every one of them in one sitting. I felt like a real dumbass. I’m better today, but it was hard. I don’t know why I did it, but now I can say I’ve had an unplanned relapse.

The need for gratification is overwhelming. And my brother, God love him, can be a devil on my shoulder. I’ve found a way to deal with that, however. Tonight, we broke down and went to MacDonald’s for dinner. Adam had everything I ever wanted to die from eating: cheeseburger, fries, those tasty little snack-wraps, and a sugared beverage. I bought an overpriced salad, and drank water. As soon as I finish this post, we’re going to get something sweet. He’ll be getting something I crave…I’ll be getting something overpriced and sugar-free.

This is my life for now. And I have to say, I’m sick of it already. To make matters worse, I randomly read up on the military weight requirements today (don’t worry, I’m not qualified and I don’t want to sign up). I would have to be 176 pounds just to sign up. I’d need to lose a whole person’s weight just to go to basic and loose 40 pounds more.

Such is life, as my best buddy Chris would say. Welcome to the suck, as my brother has already said.

My name is Kyle, and the whole time I wrote this, I really wanted an Angus Three-Pounder with swiss cheese and mushrooms, from my estranged friend, Ronald.


One Response to “Fat Dude Vs. Food, Week 2”

  1. eclipsestar said

    McDonalds is one of those great temptresses, but rarely does anyone ever feel good after eating there, and I’m not talking about guilt. I’m talking pure “My gut tells me I shouldn’t have eaten that” stomach pains. However, the inevitable relapse is required at some point or another. You can’t be expected to cold-turkey this thing, (don’t go consume cold-turkey either), so these things will happen. You remember how hard it was for me to give up soda for a month, right? The cravings are worse than the vampire movies, but don’t forget that you’re beautiful and have the body of a killer.

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